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Jun 30, 2024

The danger of fentanyl-laced dollar bills • Planning on trying absinthe in heaven • The smartest and dumbest animals in the world • Bull on the loose at Oregon rodeo attacks...

Jun 23, 2024

Syed tells the story of his car dying on the highway • Deportation and riots • The disappointment that is Elon Musk and his fall from grace 

Jun 16, 2024

Dancing for the Devil Netflix documentary • Destiny players hold a beautiful virtual vigil for Lance Reddick • Project Hail Mary, a must read! • Are lions murderers? • MUST WATCH: Ali Siddiq -...

Jun 9, 2024

RIP Gerrard Street • Air tagging your kid • Park litter, lack of jobs, and immigration in Canada • The world’s worst ocean plastic polluters • Syed’s trip to Atlanta • Tempting but...

Jun 2, 2024

We ranked the greatest trilogies of all time #Alien #Harry potter #TheDarkKnightTrilogy #Matrix #LordoftheRings #ToyStory #Pirates #StarWars