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Bonus Episode Yasin & Syed - JFL & Hasan Minhaj

Sep 28, 2016

Coming down from a comedy high, Yasin and Syed chat about the stand up acts they saw at Toronto's Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. They talk about Trevor Noah's solid performance and dive deep into Hasan Minhaj's rollercoaster set which was both hilarious and surprisingly poignant.

Episode 45 - Foad HP - Stand up Comedian

Sep 25, 2016

The very funny and multi-talented Foad HP chats with Yasin and Syed about life as a comedian in Toronto, his recent orgy audition and why we should all watch In Bruges as soon as humanly possible. Yasin explains the backstory of Dumbledore's assassin, a completely made up character in the Harry Potter lore.

Episode 44 - Eric Vaz - Fan Expo Debrief

Sep 19, 2016

Yasin and Syed nerd out with Crash and Flow regular, Eric Vaz. Yasin explains how awesome it was to get into Fan Expo a few hours before the general public to go buck and Eric shares his thoughts on his experience this year as an exhibitor and his evolution as an illustrator.

Episode 43 - Yasin & Syed - Prophets of Rage

Sep 12, 2016

Yasin and Syed chat about Trump trolling, Trevor Noah, medical marijuana and cancer. Syed tells us about his profound experience at the recent Prophets of Rage concert despite a newly operated knee. They then talk about the music that defined their youth.

Episode 42 - Scott Walter - Personal Trainer

Sep 5, 2016

Yasin and Syed pick the brain of personal trainer and friend Scott Walter about working out, crossfit, stretching, and motivation vs discipline. Yasin shares his experience training with his conspiracy theorist trainer and Agenda 21. Stay woke folks.