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Sep 24, 2023

What’s up with Jay-z’s knees? • Tom Hanks movie: Finch (6.5/10) • Would you upload your consciousness to AI? • Oppenheimer was great! • The alien presented in Mexico’s...

Sep 17, 2023

Car podcasts are boring • Japan's modern hermits • Managing your circle • Dealing Photocopied textbooks in uni • The struggles of a drug addicted comedian

Sep 10, 2023

Gabriel Iglesias was disappointing on Joe Rogan’s podcast • Is Chris Tucker still good at stand-up comedy? • Young Dave Chappelle’s voice is unrecognizable • First time playing...

Sep 3, 2023

Werner Herzog’s unique and creepy voice • We saw Theo Von live, did he redeem himself? • What is Paprika? • Johnny Depp’s mega pint • The Montgomery